Contribution of Flowers in Indian Weddings

An Indian wedding is a mega celebration in itself. There are lot of fun elements, excitement, drama, rituals and a lot more. Beware! When we are talking about most of the Indian wedding ceremonies, they are not simple at all. A typical Indian wedding involves grand and filmy marriage venues, wide display of different dishes, extravagant decorations and a glittering ensemble of beautiful outfits. This is why they are known as Big Fat Indian Weddings. Moreover, it has turned out to be a money spinner with more than $40 billion of business potential.

Talking about Indian wedding, it is incomplete without the presence of elegant flowers. They can be easily seen around the whole wedding venue and at various places in celebration. Let us take a quick look at the significance of flowers in an Indian wedding diary.

Marriage venue decoration- The wedding venue is generally adorned with flower latkans, bouquets of flowers, bunches and other arrangements. You can easily witness charming floral decoration at the entrance, marriage stage, mandap and other places in the venue. This charming floral decoration creates an ambient, pleasant and auspicious environment for the whole marriage ceremony.  

Jai Mala garlands- This is the most important use of flowers in an Indian wedding ceremony. During the Var Mala ceremony, Indian bride and bridegroom exchange garlands made of flowers that are also called as Jai Mala. It is one of the important rituals in a marriage ceremony and highlights the significance of flowers. Usually, a combination of red roses, white jasmine and leaves of Ashoka tree are used in these garlands.

Mandap decoration- The most striking part of an Indian wedding is the Mandap which is heavily decorated with flowers. It is a four-pillared ornamented altar or canopy where final rituals of the wedding between bride and groom are performed. The whole decoration makes use of various flowers like jasmine, roses, orchids and others for fragrance and beauty. Moreover, red roses along with vine are widely used in the decoration as they symbolise purity, protection and bravery.

Rangoli pattern- It is a common practice to create a beautiful pattern of flowers and colours on every auspicious occasion. This pattern or Rangoli is also used in a wedding as a floral carpet at the wedding entrance, the area around the mandap and other places. It is created to bring good luck, prosperity and love for the wedding couple and the two families. Commonly used flowers for the Rangoli making are marigold, yellow and orange sunflower along with the red roses.

As a gesture of best wishes- Throwing of flower petals on the groom family during their entry into the marriage venue is a common sight. Apart from this, these lovely flower petals are used at various places during a marriage ceremony. They are showered on the couples during the completion of Var Mala ceremony, performing “feras” under the mandap and the final farewell of the bride and groom to the girl’s family members also called as “Vidaai” ceremony.  

Other marriage rituals- One of the interesting use of flowers in a marriage ritual is during the “Neg ceremony”. Here, the family members of girls, friends and other relatives gather at the entrance gate where a floral rope is tied to block the entry of groom and his family. They ask for the money usually called as Neg from the groom and his family in return for allowing the entry to the marriage venue. Once, the groom and his family agree, the ritual is completed by cutting the floral rope with a scissor by the groom itself.

As bride and groom accessories- Last but not the least, flowers find prominent use in the bridal jewellery. They are elegantly worn as hair accessories or creatively decorated around hair bun or braid of the bride. In this way, flowers compliment the entire look of a bride and is an important part of her outfit. Besides bride, the groom also uses beautiful flowers as a decorative item in his “sehra” or the ornamental crown which is worn during the wedding ceremony.

Thus, flowers are undoubtedly an important component of the whole marriage ceremony. Their contribution and significance all throughout the wedding are undeniable. So, make the big day of your life truly memorable by utilizing the expertise of popular florists and extraordinary flower arrangements.

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