8 Indoor Plants Best for Home Decor

Indoor plants do so much for any living space. Indoor plants are like a breath of fresh air which enlivens any living space. In fact, keeping indoor plants is now regarded as a vital part of home décor. This is why people are so keen on doing up their homes beautifully with the suitable indoor plants. They are being used across homes and workplaces on account of their sheer contributions towards aesthetically uplifting any space and also for their purifying attributes. It is known that several indoor plants have air purification properties. Also, apart from contributing towards a healthy ambience at home in general, indoor plants are also a sight for sore eyes. They really refresh the senses and help in calming us down after a hard day at work.

This is why indoor plants are much in demand amongst home décor enthusiasts. Choosing the right indoor plant for your home can be a daunting task. However, you need not worry since BookMyFlowers has a wide range of indoor plants that suit all needs to the fullest. Here’s taking a look at 8 indoor plants which are the best options as far as home décor is concerned:

  • Money Plants – Nothing symbolizes wealth, prosperity and affluence better than a money plant which is an eternal favorite of sorts. Money plants look beautiful when they grow lovingly around windows, bookcases and other living spaces. They are always lovely to look at and make wonderful home décor options.
  • Spider Plant – Spider plants are regarded as hot favorites in the interior décor sector since they sport an alluring design. The leaves are fashioned in such a way that this plant will never fail to mesmerize you. These plants can be ideal for keeping in balconies, living room corners, mantelpieces, sideboards and even bedroom corners. The attractive look of this plant will certainly rub off on your interiors.
  • Tulsi Plant – Having a Tulsi plant at home is anyway considered auspicious and this plant offers several healing properties. That’s not all; Tulsi plants also blend in well with almost any home décor theme and look really soothing almost anywhere.
  • Aloe Vera – You already know about the wellness properties of Aloe Vera and the plant itself looks and feels so beautiful that it can well be a conversation starter at home! This is ideal for home décor and also comes loaded with health benefits!
  • Lucky Bamboo – Want to usher in good luck and fortune? Try doing up your home with a lucky bamboo plant. These plants come in pleasing avatars and are not that difficult to maintain as well. They make good choices in this regard.
  • Sansevieria – The gorgeous hues of this plant combined with the richness of the leaves will combine to create an amazing effect at home for sure!
  • Dracaena Compacta – This beautiful indoor plant stands out for its unique pattern of leaves and is a true work of art. This will add more glamour to any living space for sure!
  • Syngonium – For a classy ambience in your living room or foyer, the Syngonium Golden plant is your best bet. This can be showcased to visitors and will earn you extra brownie points for sure!
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